Scribble is Now 1.9! Also, DisguiseCraft!

Hi, Scribblers! I’m happy to announce the update to 1.9! Everything seems to be ticking over pretty well, but expect some plugin failures and bugs, as usual with version updates. We have added DisguiseCraft, but staff will have to make determinations about ranks and permissions there – expect some adjustments if things get out of hand. You all know the rules – if you’re annoying someone, you’re doing it wrong!

Check out the new features and be sure to report bugs – staff and I will work to solve anything we are able to! As always, be excellent to each other, and happy mining!

Known issues at time of writing: modreq (ModTRS) is currently throwing errors

Comment any further issues noticed here!

The SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award

SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award Trophy

SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award Trophy

On scribble server we love great builders. As a keen builder myself I enjoy to watch other players build and shape a town, using their imagination and skills to make builds come alive. This is why I have created the ”SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award”. I will be awarding this to players who i believe have poured their creativity and time into crafting builds for themselves and the server.


Deathkrait – Awarded for his town Rattlekrait

The first ”SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award” was awarded to Deathkrait, who has been a player for sometime. He has been awarded the BAA for great builds, imagination and player commitment. The Western style town ”Rattlekrait” was built with community farms, villager trading markets, stables and much more.2015-08-17_16.10.09 2015-08-17_16.10.27Congratulations Deathkrait! Thank you for building this awesome town.

Scribble Server Buildoffs

Hey Scribblers!
So it happened again, we had another Buildoff

BuildOff Participants

BuildOff Participants

Buildoffs are purely for enjoyment, to get away from the busy routine of Minecraft life and to have some fun building against friends to a random theme. Buildoffs Take place in the creative work on the Buildoff Plots. To get there quickly players can use /warp buildoff
Players then have 10 minutes to design and create a build to fit the theme.
BuildOff Area

The theme that was chosen from our super duper Buildoff Totem was ”Statues”

BuildOff Totem

BuildOff Totem

Let me tell you, things got crazy pretty quickly, so many ideas! Here are a few builds:

Asian Warrior by Steviejc

Asian Warrior by Steviejc

"Clockwork Orange" by LordSven

“Clockwork Orange” by LordSven

Not your ordinary statue design …
Phantom decided to go real scribble.

"Melon Statue" by Phantom

“Melon Statue” by Phantom

So after taking a look around at the statue ideas Judge Agdog and Judge Tregels decided on Hayden’s statue as winning build!

Winning Statue by TheIronDiamond

Winning Statue by TheIronDiamond

Pretty good for just 10 minutes huh?

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in the next buildoff round

~Steviejc 🙂

Creative Competition

Hey Guys!
Ok so its week 22 of Scribble Servers Creative Competition
and i think its time to start documenting the great work i have seen since we
started the competitions earlier this year.

So for those of you that don’t yet know about this weekly event let me tell you a little bit what happens and how to enter.

Creative Comp How to

Creative Comp: How to Enter

Each week a theme is set and players get their creative juices flowing to craft a masterpiece following the set theme. Throughout the week work will be monitored by staff to see how your build progresses. At the end of the week it judging time! Steviejc or any chosen guest judge, judges players builds on;

-Creativity and Creative Flare
-Ability to stick to theme
-Build Style

When the winners have been chosen, your name will be presented on the roof of the Creative Comp Hut.

Creative Comp: Winner Board

Creative Comp: Winner Board

So the winner have been chosen. Lets not forget what we’re really here for…
The prizes!
There are so many great prizes up for grabs let me list
a few of what we have given away so far;
-Diamonds (Everybody loves diamonds)
-Enchanted Armor
-Build Kits
-Brew Kits
-Horse Kits
-Lots of other kits :p
+ So many other great prizes.
Also everybody that enters, wins a prize. Everyone’s a winner!

So guys whatcha think!?
I think its time to enter and get building.
Also if you have any ideas for themes please drop them into the ideas box outside the Creative Comp Hut!

Creative Comp: Ideas box

Creative Comp: Ideas box

Thanks for reading guys. Hope to see you in the next build!

~SteevieJc 🙂

Is Scribble Server interested in having the MCMMO Pluggin on the server?

Hello, Scribblers!

In a mumble conversation on Monday, some staffers and players discussed the idea of trying the MCMMO plugin on Scribble Server for the first time.

MCMMO, for those of you who don’t know, is a server side plugin that allows “levels” to be associated with many different skills in-game. A few examples are Mining, Excavation, and Fishing, and each level in a skill increases special perks for each of these skills. Perks include such things as “Super-Breaker”, which, when mining and super breaker is activated, mining becomes quite a lot faster for a duration. Other perks are extensive, and it definitely makes the game interesting on a new level further than vanilla!

Below is a straw-poll for your opinion! Please vote!:

Thanks for reading!


Scribble Server MC is Back!

We’re back with our “normal” multiworld server, with happy funtime plugins and (nearly) all our old tricks! Inventories have been reset, but homes and storage have been carefully preserved.

We’ll be starting a new survival world in the near future, once everyone is comfortably settled in.