We’re Back! Server and Service Migration (Finally) Complete!

Hey Scribblers!

I’ve finally completed the web server migration! This has been a long and tortuous road, but we now have a mostly solid and far more stable web and server hosting environment. I still need to roll out some “good to have” services, but the server and services have never been in better shape!

Thanks for all your patience! More details on the hardware and software changes are detailed in my latest blog post.

We’re running a scale map of Earth on the main server, and bringing back hardcore factions! Live maps available for each server, use “/dynmap webregister” (without quotes) in game to begin setup.

Check out the main server at play.scribbleserver.com, and the new factions server at play.scribbleserver.com:25566

Invite some friends!

1.11.2 is Live! Let’s Build a New Melon Spawn!

Hey gang! 1.11.2 is now live, and many plugins have updated. Most things seem to be working, save diguises and a few of the seemingly-abandoned plugins which have been acting up for a while.

Now that Melon is filling up, several scribblers suggested moving the Melonworld spawn location to free up space for new builders. Check out /warp newspawn and build out a nice welcome area! Once it’s ready, we’ll move the melon spawn!

Scribble is Now 1.9! Also, DisguiseCraft!

Hi, Scribblers! I’m happy to announce the update to 1.9! Everything seems to be ticking over pretty well, but expect some plugin failures and bugs, as usual with version updates. We have added DisguiseCraft, but staff will have to make determinations about ranks and permissions there – expect some adjustments if things get out of hand. You all know the rules – if you’re annoying someone, you’re doing it wrong!

Check out the new features and be sure to report bugs – staff and I will work to solve anything we are able to! As always, be excellent to each other, and happy mining!

Known issues at time of writing: modreq (ModTRS) is currently throwing errors

Comment any further issues noticed here!

The SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award

SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award Trophy

SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award Trophy

On scribble server we love great builders. As a keen builder myself I enjoy to watch other players build and shape a town, using their imagination and skills to make builds come alive. This is why I have created the ”SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award”. I will be awarding this to players who i believe have poured their creativity and time into crafting builds for themselves and the server.


Deathkrait – Awarded for his town Rattlekrait

The first ”SteevieJc Builders Achievement Award” was awarded to Deathkrait, who has been a player for sometime. He has been awarded the BAA for great builds, imagination and player commitment. The Western style town ”Rattlekrait” was built with community farms, villager trading markets, stables and much more.2015-08-17_16.10.09 2015-08-17_16.10.27Congratulations Deathkrait! Thank you for building this awesome town.

Scribble Server Buildoffs

Hey Scribblers!
So it happened again, we had another Buildoff

BuildOff Participants

BuildOff Participants

Buildoffs are purely for enjoyment, to get away from the busy routine of Minecraft life and to have some fun building against friends to a random theme. Buildoffs Take place in the creative work on the Buildoff Plots. To get there quickly players can use /warp buildoff
Players then have 10 minutes to design and create a build to fit the theme.
BuildOff Area

The theme that was chosen from our super duper Buildoff Totem was ”Statues”

BuildOff Totem

BuildOff Totem

Let me tell you, things got crazy pretty quickly, so many ideas! Here are a few builds:

Asian Warrior by Steviejc

Asian Warrior by Steviejc

"Clockwork Orange" by LordSven

“Clockwork Orange” by LordSven

Not your ordinary statue design …
Phantom decided to go real scribble.

"Melon Statue" by Phantom

“Melon Statue” by Phantom

So after taking a look around at the statue ideas Judge Agdog and Judge Tregels decided on Hayden’s statue as winning build!

Winning Statue by TheIronDiamond

Winning Statue by TheIronDiamond

Pretty good for just 10 minutes huh?

Thanks for reading, hope to see you in the next buildoff round

~Steviejc 🙂